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The walkway delivers you outside an iron gate set into an ivy covered brick wall. A feeling of age, use and measured care pervades the place, even more so as you look through the gate into the garden beyond. Laid out in a style reminiscent of Capability Brown it stretches away in a paragon of cultured wilderness.

"Welcome to the garden, this is a fairly large area. Portable touchpads are available just beyond the gate. It is recommended that you take one with you. The garden closes shortly after 'dusk' and the touchpad will warn you when that times approaches."

Moving through the gate you pass under a covered area under which touchpads lie on a table, available for use. Gravel paths lead off in a variety of directions and you can see chairs, a gazebo and a pagoda dotted around the landscape.

"While you are here you might like to read some of the poetry written here, or in the library. Otherwise you are free to wander around at will and enjoy the place."

"I shan't spoilt your enjoyment of this place by telling you how it was achieved. Most visitors prefer to simply revel in it's wonder."

A next to an entry means it is a poem I an particularly fond of, or consider to be among my better work. It is left as an exercise to the reader to determine which is which.

Philip R. Banks
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