Nighttime Impressions

by P.R.Banks

I was trying to catch a mood with this one. So, no message - no deep allusions. Just fragments from that evening. Consequently this probably reads in a quite disjoint fashion.

By the misted window in a bar,
music playing too loudly,
blurring into a melange of co-ordinated dissonance,
wonder why I am there.

Scene shift - glide across town,
it's different but somehow the same,
quieter though with newspaper and intruding door,
quiet enough to savour the drink.

Then spill out into the street,
a city is in motion for a moment,
people spilling from cubby holes and re-arranging,
amazing that there are so many...

Gently strolling the street,
wandering for a moment no-where,
being gravely informed not to walk on the cracks,
smile briefly and let them pass.

Perch inside another cafe,
this time the atmosphere is right,
converse, nibble and joke for a brief moment,
allow the place to close.

Finally part our ways,
head home at sedate pace,
arrive and note the lateness of the hour,
settle for sleep with a smile.

Philip R. Banks
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