For the Meleagris gallopavos out there.

by P.R.Banks

To spare gentle readers the pain of finding out what Meleagris gallopavo is I'll tell you now. It is the formal latin name for the common 'gobbler-gobbler', as the Swedish Chef would say, or Turkey.

I get no pleasure from you,
I have seen your world,
seen your point of view,
and through it all,
I got no pleasure from you.

I read it all - word by word,
took down careful notes,
made sure it was you I heard,
thought about it all,
and realised it was absurd.

I won't get pleasure here it's true,
the tone is wrong,
I think you smell too,
so don't bother me anymore,
lest I have breadcrumbs - and decide to use em...

Philip R. Banks
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