Clouded Creator

by P.R.Banks

This was an experiment in changing style and structure. It needs work as some of the patterns are particularly forced. Maybe, sometime, when I have more time on my hands...

See the man in the corner,
uncertain what to be,
See the woman in the crowd,
just trying hard to see,
with all that uncertainty and doubt,
either all our cries haven't been loud,
or our esteemed creator,
has their head in a cloud.

See our precious blue globe,
stuck out there all alone,
and as our ceasless questing continues,
we find the complexity has grown,
So it can't be but one creator,
more a mist shrouded crowd.

Now see ourselves in life,
wandering in the thick fog,
all with private plans,
running as if on a log,
And I hope, for all our sakes, the fog lifts soon...

Philip R. Banks
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