by P.R.Banks

I know this has flaws, it is an early work. Comments on how terrible this one is will not be appreciated, it has special significance for me.

Both cursed and blessed by good memory am I,
watching the sky darken and the sun die,
I wish you were here to show this too.

Still the ache remains,
the hole from which blood drains,
and I know I still miss you.

Simple pastimes are not immune,
from echos from the past I presume,
and I see you again.

Of course I know all is lost,
I am not stupid - merely lost,
and I wonder why.

If wishing were enough you'd be back,
many times over,
because you were my friend.

While I know I won't forget,
while blood moves me yet,
but must the pain never end?

Philip R. Banks
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