Just Mis-placed

by P.R.Banks

This one is one of my favourites.

I was here from the start,
still alone - still apart,
Still searching in a fashion,
just a looking for my heart.
just another mis-placed part...

Lurking in the shadows oh so dark,
trying desperately to leave a mark,
trying to keep my compassion,
and be tranquil in the dark,
it's just another mis-placed dart.

Tumbling from sky to the ground,
paper crumpled and without a sound,
goes the last flight of my passion,
gone are the chances that did abound,
it's just another mis-placed start.

One day I'll be a looking,
of the shadows I'll be a learning,
their hold I'll be a smashin,
lighting a match of yearning,
to find I'm just another mis-placed soul.

Philip R. Banks
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