Ship of Silver

by P.R.Banks

I like the idea of this and the imagery. Consequently it is included here. However the metre is forced in parts and the poem as a whole suffers. Another for the 'as and when I can' re-work pile.

P.S. As of the 27th of Jan 1998 I tweaked the last stanza of the poem to work and flow much more smoothly now. If I can only sort out one more line and I might be happy with it.

Ship of silver deftly spun,
ship coming in from nothing,
the ship in which people can run,
won't you come for me?

I did what I said I should,
just I didn't do it well,
as I half knew I would,
how can that be?

I tried so very hard,
to live up to my ideals,
but missed by the proverbial yard,
what didn't I see?

So ship of silver deftly spun,
come quickly for me,
the dream has it's course run,
and it's time to flee...

Philip R. Banks
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