I've Been

by P.R.Banks

Before anyone gets any lewd suggestions from reading this I simply want to say that when I say sleeping with someone, I mean just that. Not any more euphemistic meaning that you might like to ascribe.

I've been hoping you would call,
just a brief moment on the line,
long enough to refresh my mind,
of your voice n'all.

I've been wondering how it would be,
to sleep with you,
sharing those quiet moments,
and just listening y'see.

I've been wondering how to defeat distance,
and bring you here,
show where I have lived and been,
and let you closer to me.

I've been wondering many things,
living them out in the blink of an eye,
coming crashing back again,
and hoping one thing is reality.

I've been wondering just what to say,
complex phrases spring to mind,
but I think it best to simply say,
I truely care for thee...

Philip R. Banks
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