An Idea

by P.R.Banks

I had something important to say,
I knew it when I woke up today,
And again when with a friend,
but the words wouldn't flow.

And I heard it I am sure,
when I wasn't concentrating anymore,
on what was being said,
by the voice in the back of my head.

It ran across my vision it did seem,
moving quickly - covered in a light sheen,
moving far to quickly to catch,
of it's semblance more than a snatch.

And it is frustrating you know,
to have an idea that you can't show,
even to yourself.
I wonder what it is?

What idea would have to hide so?
Retreating into corners I cannot go,
in that tract I call my mind,
those areas where I am blind.

To be honest I don't know,
I presume it must scare me so.
And yet I know it is important,
maybe tomorrow I'll know...

Philip R. Banks
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