A Thousand Things

by P.R.Banks

I was trying for a slightly wisful tone to this one, and I don't think it came off as well as it might. Certainly there are some allusions in here that I like and will reuse at a later date.

How to take a thousand memories,
and blend them into one,
a summary of what's done,
a reminder of what's begun.

How to take a thousand lines of verse,
and trim them down to some,
who total more than their sum,
and capture what is felt.

How to take a thousand images,
and spin them into one,
a picture for all to see,
a snapshot of what might be.

How to ask a thousand questions,
and yearn still for more,
when all I want to know,
I have asked before.

How to take a thousand lives,
when all I want is one,
one just to call me,
someone I simply can be...

Philip R. Banks
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