Starsiege Tribes Information

Starsiege Tribes is one of those games that alters the gaming world. Not because it has state of the art graphics or because it tries to out gore the other titles. Although it's graphics are quite good and some elements of the game are mildly gory. But more because it advances that ill defined and nebulous thing called gameplay.

Tribes takes the classic first person shooter and successfully adds an important new element, squad warfare. Unlike previous titles Tribes has been designed from the ground up to be a multiplayer experience and you fight as a member of a team trying to vanquish an equally determined team. No longer are you the lone warrior fighting everyone but now you are part of a co-ordinated effort with others aiding you and helping make up for your weaknesses while you compliment them with your strengths.

Add to the mix careful design so that a variety of roles need to be filled and you have a game that offers a degree of flexibility in play that can be confusing to the newcomer. These pages are designed to help those new to the game and maybe offer some new curls for those experienced with the game. It is also a testament to a new game that has opened the door to a new style of gameplay that places more emphasis on team action than the more individualistic I of other First Person Shooters.

Philip R. Banks
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