Desert of Death


An unusual map this one, no inventory stations mean that the entire team needs to be comfortable working in Peltast armour. It also means that health is hard to find and thus life tends to be short. Equipment respawns at fixed locations through the map and is scattered over a large area of the map. The key to this map is mobility and avoiding damage as much as possible.

On the upside there are no powerplants to defend or destroy and the whole feel of the map is one of fast and furious rumbles across the map. Key to the map are the two energy pack spawn points and the laser/plasma gun spawn point in the centre of the map. Good visibility and fairly even terrain allows snipers to come into their own.

I personally quite like the map as it favours raw fighting/fleeing skill and creative use of a small set of weaponry.


The exposed terrain is both a blessing and a curse. Defence units are very exposed to fire but on the flip side most enemy assaults are easily visible well before they threaten the flag. Laser fire is the biggest unexpected threat and control of the laser becomes an important issue for the defence team. Ideally all the defenders will have an energy pack, although optionally one will have a repair pack.

One defender, at least, should be equipped with the laser and be on the lookout for enemy units. Two is ideal especially if both can co-ordinate on their targets, two simultaneous laser shots will kill any opponent on this map immediately. The default weapon mix is otherwise very favourable.

One defender should also act as a health and mine runner while keeping an eye on the health respawn area to the side of the flag building. Enemies frequently like to stop off there to refresh any health lost traversing the map this has a duel effect of stopping assault units coming in fresh but it also stops the enemy from tactically denying your team health. They should also resupply defenders with health packs as required preventing them from having to leave the flag unguarded. Finally mines should be laid near the flag by this person as well. If a reasonably large defence contingent can be fielded then station one person permanently down near the health packs.

Ideally three people should be guarding the flag - two at all times, one person should be doing health running, one guards the health respawn. The flag defenders should co-ordinate on who leaves to resupply and equip. Don't get drawn away from the flag and try to use the base plasma turrets to your advantage by luring enemies onto them as much as possible.

Mine both the flag itself and the entrance area. Friendly units won't stray inside the flag building much unless on a flag run and they will ask for the mines to be cleared. If an enemy pentrates to the flag, defenders can fire at the lip of the flag recess to keep the enemy in the hollow where the flag is and kill them with the blast radius. Remember discs respawn on the pillars of the flag building and are thus quick to replace - expend them freely.


Mobility and waves are the key. Try and steal the enemy's energy pack as much as possible - this slows them down a fair bit. Also midfield should control the plasma gun/laser spawn point. Denying them the laser is especially critical.

Otherwise offence members should take out pulse sensors (one peltast with point blank chaingun fire can do this) and co-ordinate in wave attacks. If enough team members can co-operate then destruction of the base turrets is worth doing, especially the ELF turret. Although all the turrets can be avoided easily enough.

Grabbing the ELF gun and having a two man team destroy the turrets while the rest make a grab for the flag is worth doing too. Make sure that flag runners have studied the ski routes on this map. Good use of the terrain will enable a flag runner to be pretty much untouchable once they leave the flag building.

Repair Prioties

Base Turrets (both plasma and ELF)


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