Dangerous Crossing


Two redoubts face each other across a large valley, just out of visible range of each other. A long bridge connects the two, although this is not the best way to get to the enemy base. Attacks are frequent and once both inventory stations go down it can be very hard to recover. It is vital to protect and repair the stations as both are very exposed.

Exposed is the best description for this map. Defenders have it rough here as the map favours an aggressive attack and there is precious little cover. Fortunately there isn't any power to remove so repairs can be pretty quick but unfortunately so is the attack speed. This ranks as the second fastest map with Rollercoaster just twitching in ahead, thanks to the scouts, in my opinion. Skiing is the skill to have here with Heavies able to function surprisingly well as assault raiders.


Heavy with shield pack on the roof of the base. Rangefind the common attack paths to increase your snap fire accuracy. If an attack as the time then laying down a beacon underneath the bridge, near the middle ridgeline on the map, is worth doing to enhance accuracy - enemies like sometimes to walk Heavies across the bridge, or stand guard for their flag runner there. The beacon must be under the bridge to enhance it's survivability.

Heavy with repair pack on the flag. This position will get hammered a lot and is relying on the external defence to keep the grenade throwers from lobbing too many shots in. Stand on the flag and try and keep the inventory station active as much as possible. First weapon should be the plasma gun. If under grenade fire, jet for the ceiling of the base and get out of the line of fire. Then drop back down (basically just expend your energy reserve) and normally the light flag runner will get a nasty surprise.

Medium on the exterior, tasked with deploying turrets. Get several up near the exterior inventory station then start scattering the suckers around. Especially on the bank overlooking the redoubt - enemies frequently use this vantage point to attack the flag from. Importantly put two turrets in the top of redbout, above the shaft looking down on the flag. This slows lights down from grenading from this vantage point. If you have deployed all the turrets possible (not likely given the attrition rate here.) then switch to a light and do mobile defence. Switch back as required to suppliment losses in turrets.

Light with energy pack to do mobile defence. Try and tangle the incoming enemies up as much as possible and blunt their assault. Carry a disc launcher and a grenade launcher. The grenade launcher is particularly effective at killing Heavies. The third weapon should be either a plasma gun or laser gun. Choose the laser if sniping is becoming a prevalent tactic. Your secondary role is flag chaser, killing any flag runners that successfully escape the redoubt.

Assault forces should help out with defence while massing for an attack. Extra defence manpower, if available, should begin with a second medium for turret deployment. A second heavy for mortar defence and the rest as varying lights. If the enemy begins pressing the assault as more heavy units then defence extras should change roles to include more heavies in the mix.


Two Heavies, with shield packs, escorted by as many light armours as possible. The lights should keep the enemy off the heavies as much as possible while the heavies move in to mortar the interior of the base near the flag. The Heavies primary role is to destroy the indoor turrets and clear the path for flag runners. A secondary target is the exterior inventory station with the final target being the base plasma turret and, hell, anything else that moves. The Heavies should blast the turrets and interior and announce this to their team mates, who will make a flag grab attempt. They should switch to supporting the flag runner out and away from the enemy base. Once the flag runner is away, with a light armour escort, the heavies should stay and try and keep the enemy base down for as long as possible. One heavy might like to make a grab for the enemy repair pack, extending their on station time as much as possible. Camp out inside their redoubt to get what cover you can.

Lights, three with energy packs. One is designated flag runner, once the Heavies have pounded the base clear get in, get the flag and get out. The other two provide cover fire and escort the runner back to base. If the runner dies escorting the heavies into position then one of the remaining two fills the role. Ensure you have a clear line of succession for this so that everyone knows who is doing what.

If manpower is tight then drop one of the Heavies. If manpower is plentiful then there should be a one for one addition to both the defence and offence teams. Extra offence members should take forward roles as snipers, flag escort and offence entanglement. Station them near the middle of the map, get a medium to run ammo stations out to them for resupply. Use the vantage points on the side of the map to get clear shots at their exterior inventory station and keep this down. Once two snipers are positioned the extra offence members should be assigned to a second wave, this second wave presses the assault when the flag wave has been and keeps the flag defences down as much as possible.

Importantly each assault wave must _not_ get strung out. Attack in force and together, having five determined enemies attack at once is much harder to hold off. Especially on this map where the lack of cover works to the attackers advantage.

Repair Priorities

Inventory stations
Indoor turrets
Base plasma turret
Ammo station
Pulse sensor (top of base)
Exterior pulse sensor (to left of base)


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