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The moving walkway whisks you off quietly and delivers you into a library in the classic mould. Books line the walls and reading desks appointed with brass lamps dot the floor space between the walls of books. The lamps create bright yellow pools of light that stand out in the relative dimness of the room. Permeating the air is the slightly musty smell of old books.

Adding a finishing touch is the wood used for the shelving, desks and floor. All are warm browns and almost reds of various types of wood whose names are familiar but not quite remembered.

"This entire suite of rooms is real, as are the books. You are welcome to read or write a little here. The only requirement is that of being quiet."

The voice pauses for a time, perhaps waiting to see what you will do, then continues "If you want to read some of the original material written here, simply use one of the terminals built into the desk."

Philip R. Banks
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