Gallery - Rubber Ducky

It isn't every day that a giant rubber duck arrives in the City you are in. But as these photos prove that is what has happened to Auckland recently. At a shade over twelve meters high and a really bright yellow it is darn hard to miss too.

The creation of one Florentijn Hofman it has been brought out here to help advertise the launch of some TV station. Personally I think this explains where the bulk of the hard drugs in the world gets consumed as I can see precious little sensible linkage between a TV station and a giant rubber duck - yet somehow the advertising people do see it. Ah well I shouldn't complain as it has led to something whimsical floating around the Viaduct Harbour area in Auckland.

Just a shame that the day was so overcast, rubber ducks really should have bright sunshine to be appreciated in. Hopefully during the week it has been already in the harbour, from the 31st of January 2011, it has had a few good days for people to appreciate it on.

Philip R. Banks
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