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Something that the local council has been promoting more of late is the idea of marking Matariki. This is the Maori new year which is marked by the Pleides constellation coming into the sky to the north. It is a very recognisable configuration and occurs in the middle of winter for us. So on June 24th we had a fireworks display to mark the occasion.

Now I am always a sucker for a good fireworks display and this one didn't disappoint. It was a smaller display lasting about ten minutes but it was launched close to the waterfront and was well organised. Here are some shots from the display.

One nice touch with this display was I managed to get a new vantage point for it. There is a diving platform on the wharf that is set a little back from the wharf itself - it dives into a gap in the wharf so you can swim around the piles of wharf if you want or just climb back out again immediately. It gets a lot of use in the summer but the middle of winter it makes an excellent platform for watching fireworks from. So I camped out early and set my tripod up on the top of it. This afforded me a good view of the crowd and no one in front of me to block the view.

Even better it framed the Hikitea, a floating crane, nicely which I think gives the shots a nice sense of scale.

Philip R. Banks
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