Gallery - Harcourt Invitational 2015

It has been six years, three of which I was working in Auckland, but I finally got to go back to the Harcourt Invitational Jousting tournament again. Per the title we had jousting, archery with both a standing range the public could participate in as well as a war bow display, medieval battle display as well as a standing period village of tents. Unlike 2009 the seige weaponry didn't feature this time but otherwise it was as colourful and entertaining as I remembered.

A lot of effort has gone into the weaponry, equipment and gear that was on display. Let alone the time spent training to weild the swords, bows and lances. The equipment too is kept in dazzling display order with often some subtle decorative emblems being snuck in.

When I was at the 2009 display the lens I had was good but didn't quite have the reach. This time I had a longer focal length lens and had a better idea of what I was trying capture. You can see the results below.

As I mentioned before, in the previous page about this event, if you want to see this event yourself then go to the Order of the Boar website. They do events in Taupo and around the country, not just this Harcourt event in Wellington.

Philip R. Banks
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