Gallery - Auckland War Museum

Situated close to the city center in the park surroundings of the Auckland Domain is the Auckland War Museum. As the name suggests its primary purpose is to mark the war dead New Zealand has from a variety of conflicts this young country has participated in. It has spread from this narrow focus to now also including some large standing collections of animals, artwork and artifacts dating from all over human history.

This page is primarily about offering a visual impression of the place more than anything else. So without further ado here are assorted images garned from wandering around the Museum.

The Museum is free to any Auckland resident and fairly inexpensive at ten dollars a head for adults otherwise. While the facility is a little schizophrenic in the subject material of its collection what is there, particularly the third and second floor collections, is well laid out. For me the whole third floor is a restrained testament to the fighting personnel of New Zealand without bombast or glorification. That is a very tricky line to walk succesfully.

Philip R. Banks
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