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One perk of where I work is that Antrim House is across the road from it. This is the headquarters of the Historic Places Trust and has a nice grass lawn area out the front of it. This makes for quite a nice lunch spot on the fine days and it seems not many are aware you can visit and use the place freely as a member of the public. There is even a room or two inside to see free of charge to get a feel for what the Historic Places trust is trying to preserve.

So here is a collection of shots from around Antrim House to give you a feel for the place.

I have been a bit slack in putting these shots online as I actually took them in 2014. So part of the change is that one of trees out the front has been cut down. Otherwise it still looks pretty similar. If you have a spare hour the place is worth a ramble around and is a nice green oasis in the heart of the city.

Philip R. Banks
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