Terran Trade Authority Image References

Because the art used in the TTA Books was created as cover art for particular science fiction stories I had been knocking around the notion of quietly tracking down the stories the pictures had been created for. Seeing the image and then reading the story it was created for would give you a better insight into what the artist was trying to convey with the image. Often you find quite a contrast between the use of the image in the TTA Books and the story they were intended for.

But I had never quite found the time to get around to doing it. However I wasn't the only one interested in this. Simon Jones not only was curious but actually did something about it and emailed me the result. Consequently this page is mostly his work. Detailed are sightings of the images used in the TTA Books as cover images with author, book title, publisher and year of publishing listed. There are some exceptions where books have only been briefly sighted and a full entry isn't present.

Perhaps most interesting of all is that some of the images have been adjusted for use in the TTA books. Some are reversed, one seemingly deliberately blurred and others have differences in the details of the image. Exactly why the changes have occured frequently isn't clear - I am guessing that most of the mirror image reversals have been simply to create a more dynamic and striking image in the final book layout. But the others, well who knows?

Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD

Great Space Battles



If you have an additions to the list please email then in to me for inclusion in the list. If at all possible please include the publisher and publishing date as well as the book title and author.

[*] This book is not a work of fiction, but the cover image is a TTA ship.

Philip R. Banks
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