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I have been mucking around with a camera for years and indeed all the photographs on this website have been taken by myself. As a result of that I have been quietly working from point & shoot cameras like my Olympus SuperZoom 110 up to a SLR and finally a DSLR. As a result of that I have been increasingly learning to play with the camera. The end result of that has been a set of images that strictly speaking don't fit into any neat topic but that I am kinda pleased with.

Thus the existance of this section. This is for all the odd images that I have made but don't fit into the more normal sorts of features I do on the website. Or for bits and pieces about photography that I have figured out that I think might be useful for other people to know.

Contrast Competition


Astrophotography 01

Catiodaptic Lens

2019 Photographic Exhibition

I hope you found some of these images and features as interesting as the fun I had in making them.

Philip R. Banks
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