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Coming off the walkway you enter a stylised version of a music studio's showcase room. Awards and plaques litter the walls but are all somehow not quite readable. Set in the middle of a room is a display table with various selected records arranged by artist. Around the edges of the room are alcoves with comfortable leather chairs recessed into them. Hints of black cased electronics can be seen in the alcoves as well.

'Choose from the table which artist you want to listen to and then settle into a chair. You can then use controls in the arms of the chair to control the selection of record, volume and other details to suit.'

'The selection displayed has been chosen not just for artistic merit but also on the basis of rarity of mention. The idea being to try and provide a selection of the more obscure and unsung groups that not only deserve mention but should be new to the listener.'

The voices chuckles. 'That is the theory anyways, you will have to let me know how well it works.'

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