Movie Run

The walkway deposits you in a darkened movie theatre. Seats are lined up in the gloom, diligently watching the screen. The air is warm here, as though the viewers have just left.

"The theatre is currently closed, however if you look to the notice on the pole, it will advise you as to when the next session is planned to take place."

Looking a little further into the gloom you see, just as described, a notice stuck on a freestanding pole just inside the theatre.

      Movie:           -.
      Session:         -.
      Theatre:         -.
      Meeting time:    -.
      Meeting place:   -.
      Eating place:    -.
      Prebuy:          -.
      Last Update:     8:59am, Thursday 4th of May.

The movie run is currently dead - to be revived maybe in a few months time. Instead I am now doing weekly video sessions where we catch up with the week's interesting TV. (Interesting defined as what catches Julian's and my eye.) If you wanna participate in those just email me and we can talk turkey on the details.

If you need to check the plot of the movie out, try the Internet Movie Database. I will hold any tickets for you until ten minutes before the movie starts, if I haven't seen you by then then I will sell the ticket back.

As is usual with these events, most of the details are flexible and negotiable. If you have a better idea, let me know and something can probably be worked out.

Those coming should, as usual, email me before Monday night, ring me at work on 5704660. or catch me by cellphone on 021-624009.

Lastly, for the terminally lazy, here is a simple form for sending me an email registering your attendance.


I attending this weeks movie run.

I will Please me a ticket.


Philip R. Banks
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