Comments and Thoughts

(aka Alliterated Annotations or Random Ramblings)

You enter the alcove door and stand on a moving walkway. After a short ride you arrive in a room laid out like a roman atrium. Water burbles pleasingly into a glass like pond as bright warm light bounces off it. The warmth is a little strong and makes the cool covered area around the edge of the pond that much more inviting.

Couches, complete with pillows and blood red velvet covering, provide the seating. Classic statues of almost forgotten gods look sightlessly over the pond. The one incongruity in it all is the presence of, discretely emplaced, terminals on small tables near the couches.

"Welcome. This area is generally used for contemplation and relaxing. Unfortunately the space for a real garden including further grounds was not available. But this atrium with holographic backgrounds seems to suffice nicely."

Indeed you notice now that the backgrounds, no matter how hard you squint, seem to be perpertually out of focus in places.

"If you like a selection of comments, thoughts, ramblings, rants and other sundry annotations, made in this place, is available for reading. Simply choose a comfortable couch, a computer terminal and select what you want to read."

Philip R. Banks
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