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After the walkways brief, but smooth, ride you enter into another section of the library. Compared to the other entrance this one has a less 'technical' feel to it. Instead of large reference type books, smaller novels and fiction works line the walls with odd garish colour scheme lurking.

Comfortable chairs with small reading tables are dotted about and a warm dry heat suffuses the room. Inspecting the books you can't discern any particular order to the material, it seems fairly randomly assorted. Although there do seem to be one or two shelves given over to collections of certain authors.

'Ah, a bookphile I see. This area is the lighter reading section were the current favourites of the fortress personnel are kept. It was deliberately made random to allow people a chance to browse and rummage around looking for something - and to naturally find five other books about completely different topics.'

'Have a rummage about and a read, see what you find...'

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