RahXephon Orchestration 4 : Dissonance

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Released by: Madman Entertainment.
Region: Four.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Disc 1:

Pieces are firmly on the move as Ayato learns a lot more about the background of why he is with TERRA and what it is he is fighting for. This culminates in a cliffhanger of a decision that sets everything up for a serious amount of exciting disclosure in volume five. Here Ayato, Quon and Haruka's history is explored and we discover that the connections between the three run deep.

This volume also brings in the human counter Dolem weapon of the Vermillion. Ayato now has to face the very real possibility that he might not be as needed as once he thought. It all adds up to an exciting series of developments as the series prepares us for at last revealing what the Mu's motives are in all this. The most surprising and interesting episode here is the one dealing with Isshki, Itsuki and Helena's childhood. We get a long hard look at the Bahbem Foundation and what we see isn't boding well for the future.

This series is building nicely to a sustained crescendo both as a volume name but also in terms of plot developments. Can't wait to get into volume five now to see where it is going to take me next.

Continuing as I did for the other volumes I have some speculation and thoughts here coming from watching the fourth volume. This is spoiler rich so read it only if you have seen the episodes in question.

Philip R. Banks
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