RahXephon Orchestration 2 : Tonal Pattern

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Released by: Madman Entertainment.
Region: Four.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Disc 1:

The second volume of RahXephon picks up where the first left off with Ayato now out of Tokyo and discovering just how odd the world is. The one major defining talent he has that makes him unique and useful to TERRA is his ability to pilot the RahXephon. Something he at first doesn't even want to do. The course of these episodes is Ayato discovering reasons for fighting and finding a place for himself in a world that he is twelve odd years out of touch with.

Other revelations come with the arrival of a well informed, and snooping for more information, reporter to Nirai-Kanai. His scenes often tell us a little more about the world while never telling us too much. It is nicely done and leaves us with just enough to infer more without being given the whole mystery to us on a platter. The volume ends with some rather interesting discoveries about Quon, exactly who & what Ixtli is and finally about Ayato's mother Maya.

Naturally we also get some nice fight sequences to keep us entertained and the RahXephon itself is quietly evolving - learning new tricks to fight with. It is a solid continuation to a series that opened with a bang. While we haven't had the major plot twist that volume one gave us there is the uneasy feeling that another one is coming, especially the developing nature of Isshki.

Continuing as I did for the first volume I have some speculation and thoughts here coming from watching the second volume. This is spoiler rich so read it only if you have seen the episodes in question.

Philip R. Banks
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