RahXephon Timeline

RahXephon has a very detailed plot behind it that spans thousands of years. While the series does indeed play fair with the viewers and generally gives you all the clues you need to sort the story out it can be easy to miss an important reference. Certainly reviews like the one featured on Animeondvd for Volume 7 of this series underline this point. So presented below is my take on the events of the series. This is an exercise in seeing how well the series tracks as well as getting clear in my own head exactly what happened. Nothing quite like writing a detailed timeline to force you to notice details.

Where a date is marked as either estimated or approximated then the date is an infered one drawn either from supporting material or speculated a little on my part. Some are wild speculation, particularly my linkage to Cortez's exploits as a motivation for Bahbem doing a few things. Generally when a day is marked as being estimated then it is an event referenced in the series but no clear time markers are given as to when it occured. A little deductive reasoning has been applied to guess the day on which it occured. I also have drawn a little on the history presented by James Churchward in his book 'The Lost Continent of Mu'. Only a little here as the series itself marks his work as being only loosely connected with the reality the series presents and also because I have only found brief summaries of his book, not the book itself.

It shouldn't need to be said that this is extremely rich in spoilers. I would suggest you don't read this till you have finished the series. Hopefully however it will provide an aid for others who are a little confused about the backstory of the series and want to know exactly what was going on.

There you have it. If you spot any errors please give me a yell via email and let me know about em.

Philip R. Banks
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