"All Gods are false and Faith itself is idolatry." - Kenneth McHoan in 'The Crow Road' by Iain M Banks


That is to say I am an atheist. I don't have faith in the non existence of supernatural beings, I merely don't see any proof for their existence. Until such time as proof is presented I am taking the logical default stance that such things do not exist.

You are welcome to present proof to me, if you feel you have found any. However I should warn you that I do not consider quotes from religious texts alone to constitute proof. In fact I would refer you to the alt.atheism FAQ before you submit such proofs to me.

Also arguments about the complexity of the universe and complexity requiring a creator are not welcomed arguments either. This is a restatement of the watchmaker argument. I refer any such people who posit such an argument to Richard Dawkins' book "The Blind Watchmaker". The book is strictly speaking more about evolution but if you accept that he is correct then he illustrates a process by which complexity can arise without guiding intelligence which breaks the watchmaker argument.

Also a brief visit to the Secular Issues Web site is well worth it. Alot of thought provoking and interesting material is held here.

Finally if I don't have the time I may well tell you as much and not check your submission out for a while, if at all. I am only human after all and have limited time for such pursuits, much as I enjoy them.

Philip R. Banks
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