Not only are these an integral part of my profession they are interesting beasts in and of themselves. Of course I need one to have a net connection privately. I chose Acorn computers. Not just because they did what I wanted but because the technical elegance of the machines hardware appeals to me. If you want to know more about them go into the archives section and take a peek at the Acorn machine list in there. Alternatively you could take a quick look at RISC OS and what it can do.

They do things quite differently from alot of other computers and this is also something I want to encourage. We seem, with the rush towards communal standards, to be losing the diversity and variety of solutions that we had just gained in the computing world.

Don't get me wrong, standards are a good and important thing. But they shouldn't be the be all and end all of it.

So, for the moment, as a small rebellion against conformity I choose computer systems that are 'non-standard'. As long as they do what I want and meet my standards of hardware cleanliness.

For those interested these pages were all drafted on my RiscPC. The tag images were all created using !Draw, some were touched up a bit in !Paint, then fed to a sprite to gif converter and finally through a gif87 to gif89 convertor. (To specify the transparency colour.) The rest of the images, bar the jpegs, were created in !Paint and then converted to gif format & rendered transparent as needed. The HTML itself was typed up in !StrongEd (wonderful editor. I wonder if Guttorm has received my registration yet...) and fed to both ArcWeb and Webster for verification/viewing.

Philip R. Banks
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