Amerigo Vespucci Visit


The main anchor of the Amerigo Vespucci. (67 Kb jpeg)

Bowsprit of the Amerigo Vespucci, looking towards dockside. (61 Kb jpeg)

Brass fixture, not too sure what it is for. (47 Kb jpeg)

Ladder leading below decks and it's cover. (51 Kb jpeg)

Motto of the ship loosely translated as 'The race goes not to the quick but those who perservere'. (55 Kb jpeg)

The rigging terminates with these metal pins linking it to the hull of the ship. (79 Kb jpeg)

My continuing obsession with rigging, sadly I didn't get to climb this either. (72 Kb jpeg)

A lot of the rigging terminated in tiebacks like this. You can see the pulleys are in regular use due to their polished surfaces. (80 Kb jpeg)

A stanchion cover with the ship represented on it. (69 Kb jpeg)

Main wheelhouse. (66 Kb jpeg)

Winch assembly for handling the launches. ( Kb jpeg)

Philip R. Banks
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