Welcome to Web Fort 'Khantazi'


A modulated, artificial, voice calls out to you through the rain. Looming up out of the rain is a fortified entrance, it's white doors slowly swinging open. The details are hard to make out but a feeling of solidity and quiet strength exudes from the place.

Drawing closer you recognise a well cared for, if infrequently, web fort. Given the current rain it's interior seems all the more warmer and drier.

"Please come in. I have been watching your approach for sometime now. "

Behind the doors lies a well lit entrance and reception area. A second set of heavy armoured doors is also open showing a nexus of corridors. Colour coded stripes lead off to various particular corridors and an index on the far wall shows that each colour represents a different section. Next to the index a notice-board is festooned with scraps of paper and the odd poster.

"I am afraid it is only us automatics here to greet you today. The conscious ones are all busy in the city proper currently. Although I can pass a message on to them if you need to speak to them."

"In the meantime feel free to explore around a bit. All sections that are dangerous have been locked off so you can't harm anything. Simply follow the coloured stripe to the area you want go to."

    * Information Desk

    * Recreation Level

    * Power Complex

    * Transport Centre

    * Archives

    * Notice-board

Philip R. Banks
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