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As can be gleaned from the title I was out with Auckland Airsoft once again. This time it was both a regular members game and my aim was to try and capture more how well the camoflague works while still having recognisable people in the shot. This meant I decide to forgo the usual routine of having a brightly coloured vest and see if I could maneuver into better positions. This did indeed work - I was able to move about without being spotted quite as far away. The downside was that I then became a potential target as identifing what you are shooting at is trickier than realising there is a target there. So I ended up getting pelted a bit, which was slightly unforunate because this field was heavily overgrown and the engagement ranges much closer. Which meant that when you did get hit you felt it a bit more.

This heavy overgrowth also changed the gameplay a fair bit. While there were frequent firefights they tended to be short sharp affairs where often the ambushing side had a healthy advantage. It became a field where pistols had some advantage over the rifles by being easier to move around the obstacles.

Truely a face for modern cinema.

The ministry of silly walks at arms.

This was on a working farm, so while trudging to the field you often got to see the farm animals.

Game over man, game over!

Bartonator shows us his John Woo Gangsta styles, complete with complaining about heavy guns directly after the shot.

More gangsta styles, of course what this shows is how ineffective holding a pistol like that is - you can't aim in the slightest.

Reloading and checking iron-sights out.

The horrors of Airsoft get too much.

I keep hearing 'Painted Black' here...

Getting this shot required standing right in the middle of sustained volleys of fire. Fortunately everybody knew where I was and shot around me (for a change).

This shows, thanks to the close engagement ranges, how much the BBs could hurt. This was with guns with a deliberately low barrel velocity too.

If this interests you more details on joining can be found with the groups facebook page.

Philip R. Banks
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