Gallery - 2014 Lux Festival

The last few years we have had a winter to spring festival in Wellington, the Lux Festival. This features a mix of artwork with some regulars along with a healthy selection that changes each year. It is largely done by volunteers who help organise, curate and care for the exhibits for the two weeks they are on display down on the waterfront. Entirely free to visit it sees a large number of people venturing down to share in the displays and enjoy the begining of the warmer weather.

Being lit displays these are a boon for photographers to visit. Below are a few shots I took during the 2014 display.

It isn't just the displays alone either - this year the festival has tied into the Wellington On A Plate event with guided tours from participating restaurants. Participatory events like artist talks, workshops, chalk drawing and many other things have been worked into the programme. See the website for the full details. This has become something to look forward to each year and here is hoping to many more annual events.

Philip R. Banks
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