Texhnolyze Volume 5 : Lies and Despair

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Released by: Madman Entertainment.
Region: Four.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (anamorphic)
Disc 1:

Under Kano's control the Shapes continue storming the city of Lukuss, killing pretty much everyone in their path. While Onishi, Kimata and Shinji each do what they can in their own unique way to try and deal with this overwhelming threat it becomes clear that help is needed. Ichise and the Doctor are sent to make contact directly with the Class and enlist their aid to stop the madness now underway.

But as Yoshi had hinted at, the world the Class inhabit is not what anyone expects. Are they able to help even if Ichise and the Doctor do convince them to act? Thus far the Class has been extremely reluctant to directly involve themselves in city affairs. It is rapidly becoming clear that the experimental city of Lukuss is grinding to it's conclusion even as various members of the newly recruited Shapes begin to question the sagacity of their new alleigance...

Texhnolyze has always been a special series and it continues this with setting things up so that we can see the tragedy building to the conclusion we already know is coming from the last volume. Ichise is rapidly being pushed into a position where he will be all alone, having hurt many people. The real question is, will that be a blessing in disguise?

As is the same with the other discs we have a very fine 16:9 transfer and 2.0 audio tracks in both English and Japanese. Again the only substantive extra is the audio outtakes, something that is somewhat disappointing given the presence of only three episodes on the disc. Here we have a chance to really use the spare space to delve into the meaning and interpretation of the series. Unfortunately we don't get anything like that but then I really shouldn't grumble too much - given the unusual nature of the story it is a minor miracle it is being told in the first place.

Finally I have my speculations and observations for this episode online.

Philip R. Banks
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