Ergo Proxy Volume 5 - Terra Incognita

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Released by: Madman Entertainment.
Region: Four.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (anamorphic)
Disc 1:

Finally Mosk has been reached, in the aftermath of the devestation Romdeau has visited on the dome little is left. Chunks of the primary tower do still exist and signs of the battle to sack Mosk remain there along with an unexpected AutoReiv hidden away securely in the basement. But someone doesn't want Vincent discovering his past and various pieces of evidence point firmly back to Romdeau. So the trio begin their journey back to where it all began. Meanwhile in Romdeau we find Raul has given in to despair - unable to cope with the truths he has learned as head of security. His despair finds focus on Vincent Law and he takes a series of steps intended to punish Vincent for bringing such misery into his life.

As a part of the return trip Pino gets an episode to herself where she interacts with a Proxy that has created a Disney kingdom of future in its dome. Obsessed with keeping everyone happy and smiling this Proxy reaches out to Pino, trying to understand her child like ethusiasm and humour. The last episode deals with the influence and imminent return of Monad as Vincent finds himself trapped inside Re-l's mind.

We can see with these episodes that the story is being pulled into its conclusion. Now that we know more of what happened at Mosk, the imminent return of the Monad Proxy into affairs and the race back to Romdeau to get the final answers it all has the feel of a climactic conclusion. Somehow I doubt this is going to be too healthy for the inhabitants of the city as the trail of destruction left behind this three has been impressive.

The lightest episode of the bunch is the third with Pino's exploits in Smileland. Taking a moment to pay homage to Disney's early work (and by extension also Tezuka's work as he based a lot of his work directly off Disney's efforts) it would be easy to blow the episode off as a light fluff piece. But a couple of important points get snuck in amongst all the slapstick.

As is usual speculation and interpretations notes on this volume can be found here.

Philip R. Banks
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