Ergo Proxy Volume 4 - Wrong Way Home

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Released by: Madman Entertainment.
Region: Four.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (anamorphic)
Disc 1:

Wrong Way Home continues the roadtrip as Re-l, Vincent and Pino progress closer and closer to the Mosk dome. While the wilderness they travel through is pretty barren there are pockets of life that complicate the journey no end. First off the wandering Proxy and AutoReiv encountered last volume feature again and, in a strong performance, Iggy forces Re-l to realise a few ugly truths. Further signs of the failing dome system is seen next with an empty dome providing surprises for the travellers. In perhaps the bizarrest, yet most fun, episode to watch the Nightmare Quiz Show wraps a healthy dose of exposition into a Quiz Show format where the life itself is at stake. Finally the winds die down and they become becalmed in the middle of nowhere. Re-l, Vincent and Pino have to cope with each others eccentricities in such close quarters.

This final episode is both very funny and a long good look at the way both Vincent and Re-l see the world. It results in some significant character growth for the pair (it should not be a surprise to anyone that they do get moving once again) and pulls the focus of the series firmly back on both Vincent and Re-ls personal growth. It is a good solid volume that answers quite a few questions about the whys and hows of the world the characters inhabit.

One thing that has to be commented on is the excellent English dub work this volume. Listening to Iggy as he alternates between berating Re-l and pleading with her is such a pleasure. The intent and point of the scene has been carried across pretty much perfectly. It is a crying shame that now that we have ADR directors capable of creating excellent and well researched dubs the market is changing to prevent them working. This budget crunch from low DVD sales in the US (which, like it or not, is the primary market driving the English dubbing industry for anime) also explains my only grumble with this volume - we once again have no extras bar some trailers advertising for other series. Given the somewhat oblique reference Ophelia makes, particularly to not just the Shakespeare play Hamlet but also one particular artists depiction of a key scene from the play, then again a glossary or some notes would be nice to have.

Ah well, guess it gives me something to write about though, so as is usual speculation and interpretations notes on this volume can be found here.

Philip R. Banks
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